Extremely Easy Vegetable Soup

You will need: 

Leeks x2

Small Potato x3

Medium Carrot x3

Vegetable Stock Cube x2

Slow Cooker

We live on a very minimal budget, so I plan our meals very carefully, as to not overspend and it keeps the house running smoothly and organised! From last weeks shop, I had some vegetables left over, which were just beginning to turn. I hate to waste anything, especially food, so I thought I would make a soup with what was left.

It really is very simple and probably not worth a recipe, but I wanted to show how easy it is to not waste food and eat healthy on a very tight budget. 

 Prepare all your vegetables (washing and dicing) and pop them into your slow cooker. Then add two vegetable stock cubes to three pints of water. Pop the lid on your slow cooker and I put ours onto auto setting for 4-6 hours.

Once finished, I pop the soup into a blender. 

Its really that simple and it was absolutely delicious.