DIY Reusable Wet Wipes

Commercial wet wipes are causing a massive impact to our environment. Most people don’t know that they are a form of single use plastic, as they are usually made of fabric like cotton woven together with plastic resins, such as polyester or polypropylene, which are not biodegradable. 

Unfortunately too many people are flushing them down the toilet, causing sewer blockages. For instance, in 2018, more than 6,000 wipes were found in one area of the Thames. Not only this, they are ending up in our oceans causing serious harm to our marine life.

You will need:

• Empty resealable jar

• Cut up rags of any kind (we use cut up hand towels and facecloths)

• 1-2 Cups of cooled boiled water (depending on size of jar and amount of reusable wipes) 

• 10-15 drops of essential oil (we use lavender)


• Simply pop all your cloths into your chosen jar. Then add 1-2 cups of cooled boiled water, you want to cover cloths, then add your essential oil. Give everything a good shake and you’re ready to go! 

If there is too much excess water, just drain it out. You don’t want your cloths to be swimming in water. Before we use each cloth we give a little ring out too.

Once finished with, simply pop into your washing machine and wash with your normal washing.

We find these extremely handy for around the house, for a five year old, with sticky fingers. We would recommend to refresh weekly. We hope you enjoy and find this recipe useful. Enjoy!