DIY Natural Air Freshener

Standard air fresheners contain hazardous chemicals, which are harmful to your health. We didn’t know this a few years ago, until we did some research. Air Fresheners are at the top of most lists of ‘most toxic products’ for your home.

So for a while now, we have been making our own. It’s so simple. We hope you find this helpful. 


You will need 

Empty spray bottle


1/4 Cup of Witch Hazel (or vodka)

1 Tablespoon of distilled water

20 drops of essential oil (we used bergamot)


Simply add all your ingredients, using your funnel, to your spray bottle, you can chose which essential oil you prefer. We alternate our essential oils, to experience different smells each time. 

That’s it. Just give the ingredients a little shake in the bottle and you’re good to go. A nice simple, natural air freshener, which you can use around your home with peace of mind. Enjoy!


This recipe works for me and my family, but may not work for everyone. If you are unsure of any of the ingredients, please research or consult an expert. Thank you.