DIY Mattress Deodoriser/Cleaner

Did you know that the cleanliness of your mattress directly impacts your sleep? We spend a third of our lives sleeping so your mattress influences your health beyond just comfort and support. Your mattress impacts the room’s air quality, affecting the oxygen your cells take in as they rest and recuperate.

Our mattress’s collect dead skin, sweat, dust mites, stains, dirt, and sometimes even little insects you may not know are there. 

Having old dirt, grime, and critters impacts what you are exposed to and breathe in for 8 hours every night. These trapped particles can cause respiratory problems, allergies, insomnia, and a depressed immune system. In order to stay healthy and give your body the chance to revitalize itself during sleep, you need to give it a clean place to rest. 

It is recommended you clean your mattress at least twice a year. I would say we do ours about 3 or 4 times. 


You will need :

1-2 Cups of Bicarbonate of Soda (depending on size of mattress)

10 drops of Lavender Essential Oil 


Vacuum Cleaner 


Method :

We use a bowl to catch any excess bicarbonate that escapes the sieve. Simply add your bicarbonate to your sieve, followed by your lavender essential oil. We use lavender as it promotes healthy sleep. 

Now scatter your mixture all over your mattress. Don’t worry if you get too much in one area, simply spread your mixture evenly around, with your hands, to make sure you get your mattress covered. Wash your hands after. 

If there are any stains on your mattress, we simply use a damp cloth and scrub the mixture over the area. If it doesn’t shift, use some Castile soap too.

Leave everything to sit on your mattress for at least 30 minutes. 


Once the 30 minutes is up, vacuum everything up with your hoover. You should be left with a fresh smelling and clean mattress! I hope this helps and you have a restful sleep! I know I will.


Please remember, this works for me and my family but it may not work for everyone. Please research ingredients, if you are unsure and contact an expert for advice if needed.