DIY Citrus Infused, Antibacterial Spray Cleaner

White vinegar is an excellent natural and biodegradable cleaner, it is also antimicrobial. We have been using it in our home for a while and have had no issues. Combined with orange peels, it proves to be an excellent degreaser and smells a lot nicer than just vinegar on its own.

You will need:

• White Vinegar

• Orange Peels 

• Empty Jar


Once the two weeks is up, you will need :

• Empty Spray Bottle

• Sieve

• Measuring Jug

• Water



• Pour neat vinegar into desired jar and add orange peel (make sure all orange is off the peel first) We added peels of four small orange into the jar pictured above. We then popped into our cupboard under the sink and left it for two weeks.

• Once the two weeks is up, simply pop your sieve over your measuring jug and empty the contents of your jar, of orange infused vinegar. 

• Next fill the jug with water, on top of the vinegar, with the exact same amount as the infused vinegar. You want your mixture to be 50:50 of vinegar and water.

• Lastly, simply pour your mixture into your chosen spray bottle. 

And that’s it! You’ve created an all natural, anti-microbial, degreasing spray cleaner! Which is also biodegradable. You’ll also save yourself a fortune. Enjoy!