DIY Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner

In the past, toilet cleaning consisted of bleach or some other chemical filled product. We were unaware of the damage and the chemicals we were filling our home with! Natural cleaning is a lot of fun, and extremely good for your family and your home. Finding what works for you and your family consists of trying out different products and recipes, but that’s the part I enjoy the most! 

We clean our toilet daily, with some vinegar on its own, or mixed with bicarbonate of soda and give the bowl a bit of a scrub. We also use our reusable antibacterial wipes around the seat etc. But at least once a week, we like to give our toilet a deeper clean. We tend to do it on a Sunday, so we thought we’d share our recipe with you today, as we were doing it. 

You will need :

Toilet brush

Mixing bowl

3/4 cup of Borax (or Bicarbonate of Soda)

1 cup of White Vinegar

10 drops of essential oil (we use lemongrass)

Method :

Simply pour all your ingredients into your mixing bowl. The vinegar and borax will fizz when added together. 

Once all your ingredients are added, give them a gentle mix, with a wooden spoon.

Now you just need to use the mixture, to give your toilet bowl a good scrub. You can either work from the bowl or pour the ingredients down the toilet and scrub. I tend to do a bit of both. 

Once you are done, leave for at least an hour or so if you can. If possible, we sometimes leave it overnight to work it’s magic. We hope you enjoy and benefit from our recipe.

Disclaimer. This works for me and my family but may not suit everyone. If you are unsure if any of the ingredients, please do some research and always check with an expert. Thank you.